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  Soundcraft Ghost LE 32 Channel Mixer

Soundcraft Ghost LE 32 Channel Mixer

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Soundcraft's Ghost LE 32 is a highly versatile 8-bus mixer, packed with facilities for handling a wide range of recording and mixing applications. Whether for studio or live recording, this is a console that offers unparalleled flexibility and value. The Ghost LE 32 is an in-line multitrack mixer with a Mix B path (often called monitor path), as well as the main signal path on each channel strip. It's called "Mix B" because the architecture of the signal routing is much more flexible than that suggested by the term "monitor", offering many of the features normally found only on a main input channel. Unlike many mid-range consoles, Ghost doesn't restrict facilities such as muting and EQ to the main channel path.

The 32 channel frame provides 72 inputs at mixdown. In addition, using the 24 channel expander unit, a further 48 inputs at mixdown are possible. There's signal level indication on each channel as standard, plus an optional meterbridge with 12-segment channel meters and 20-segment left/right master meters, for more precise metering. Ghost's audio path combines traditional analog benefits, and innovations like Soundcraft's latest high-performance ProMic mic preamp.

Unlike other mixers, Ghost's ProMic mic amplifier offers smooth control over a wide gain range - up to 60dB. It's amazingly quiet, giving greatly improved noise performance in the Megan region, with enough headroom for peaks from drum kit mics, and extremely low distortion figures. EQ is a crucial part of a mixer, and the EQ on Ghost is designed without compromise - two fully parametric overlapping mid bands, with shelving high and low filters. Classic 'British EQ', in fact, like that found on Soundcraft's acclaimed 3200 and Aurora consoles. The result is unsurpassed ability to control and correct - for creative effect in a recording session, or applying corrective EQ to an awkward live signal.

Being able to swap main and Mix B inputs, and split the EQ between the two paths, Ghost LE allows a high degree of control over a mix. Professional features on the channel strip include individually switchable phantom power, phase reverse and plenty of aux sends - 10 aux busses including 2 stereo pairs in all. There's level and peak metering on every channel, and both the main and Mix B paths have MIDI muting and NFL, while the main channel path also offers true solo-in-place.

Product Features

  • Completely analog signal path, no compromise in audio quality.
  • Inputs double at mixdown to provide 48 or 64 line inputs.
  • Four bands of equalization each channel, 2 bands of which are full parametric.
  • Pictured with optional meterbridge.
  • Optional 24 Channel Expander

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